• Ruixiang

Say Hello to Little Jaguar !

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

This is my new pet "Jaguar". Please don't be scared by his name Lol. The only reason that his name is "Jaguar" is that the pronunciation of Jaguar in Chinese is the same as "Good News". He was brought home by my sister and my sister was applying for graduate school at that time. My parents gave him this name and hoped that he would bring my sister some good luck. And in fact, he did! My sister was admitted by her dream school.

In fact, Jaguar is very gentle and polite. He never acts rude to anyone. He doesn't even bark unless got offended. Jaguar was originally adopted by my sister's best friend and her friend's ex-boyfriend. When they broke up, none of them wanted to take care of him anymore. Therefore, my sister adopted Jaguar. He joined my family when he was one year old and I hope that he could stay here all his life.

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